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This particular Valentine’s Day, Be Love

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If we have a boyfriend, sweetheart, husband or wife, we celebrate Valentine’ ersus Day because we think that this is usually evidence that we have love in our life. Whenever we are “ alone” we often believe we’ ve failed or that will love has “ passed us by. ”

Additionally, Valentine’ s Day, even for those of us who are “ with” someone, can be disappointing because we anticipate things to be a certain way, we expect to feel a certain way, and we even expect our significant other to feel or act a certain way. And if we don’ t, or if they don’ t, we feel disappointed and perhaps that we are not loved.

The Truth is that Really like is not something we have or don’ t have. Love is not actually something we can get or give. Love is something we EXPERIENCE. And the only place we can ACTUALLY experience anything is INSIDE yourself.

Exactly what is it that people experience when we experience Love? All of us experience everything being OK. All of us experience being accepted, just as we have been. We experience that at every time, the possibilities in the invisible world associated with imagination inside of us are unlimited.

IT DOES NOT TAKE ANOTHER PERSON FOR US TO EXPERIENCE THIS! In fact , another individual has NOTHING to do with our ability to experience Really like at every moment.

In my opinion, Love is nothing more than allowing the experience to be exactly what it is. Enabling ourselves to feel whatever sensations we’ re feeling whenever we’ re feeling them. Allowing yourself to be thinking whatever we’ re thinking. Allowing ourselves to feel upset whenever we’ re upset. In short, allowing ourselves to BE yourself.

This has nothing related to “ expressing” ourselves, trying to replace the world or change someone else. It’ s just an acceptance in our experience exactly as it is.

And the funny thing is, when you can accept your experience exactly as it really is, you are BEING Love. And when you happen to be BEING Love, you’ re agreeing to everybody else exactly as they are, because how “ they” are only can exist in YOUR experience. In doing this, your BECOMING Love is extending beyond your own apparent borders and includes almost everything and everyone. And when you can do that will, you experience that you are loved, that you are loving others and that others are loving you.

Even though all that’ s really happening is that you are experiencing things EXACTLY as they are. Within YOU.

Of course it’ s lovely when we experience someone reflecting love back to us. But let us remember that the “ other” is a reflection, and the world can only reflect back to you what is already in you.

This Valentine’ s Day, whether you’ re “ with” someone or not, find out if, instead of concerning yourself with how things “ should” be, or how disappointed or even how happy you are, BE WITH WHAT IS. WITHIN. Be with whatever thoughts you’ re having. Be with whichever Sensations you’ re having.

Be your OWN Valentine. And watch the whole world appear to be what it truly is usually. LOVE.

Have a “ SENSATIONAL” Valentine’ s Day.

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Ways to get Him Back – 3 Methods to Make Your Ex Boyfriend Come Back (Charles Bill)

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So you still enjoy your ex boyfriend and now you’ re trying to determine how to get him back again? It should be simple, right? You should be in a position to just call the man up, tell him that you love him and can’ t be without him and all will be forgiven. Unfortunately, it never ever quite works out that way.

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The Link between Veterans, Domestic Violence, plus PTSD (Abigail Fazelat)

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Jan 20, 2014

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Domestic violence has long been a prevalent problem for veterans when they return to civilian life. Even when they expressed no history of domestic violence or abusive behavior prior to their deployment, many veterans may adopt violent behaviorisms due to their solidified personalities and aggression as a result of war. Naturally, humans cannot healthily procedure the horrors witnessed during overcome, and the struggle to cope with those experiences continues even when a soldier has returned home. However , unaddressed rage, angst, and frustration can quickly elevate to a physical level of distress, plus veterans may find themselves taking out their own emotions on friends, spouses, plus family both verbally, and in severe cases, physically.

Domestic violence typically takes shape when a resident expresses abusive behavior towards another citizen. The term is usually used to describe the particular violent behavior between spouses. Misuse can range anywhere from physical, verbal, as well as emotional, and can differ in intensity. People who turn to domestic violence because means of dealing with their aggression are often controlling, insecure individuals who cannot connect civilly, and thus resort to harmful and violent tactics in order to be noticed. Returning combat veterans are ideal candidates for domestic violence, especially if they develop a psychologically restless condition called Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD.

According to the U. S. Department of Veterans’ Matters, one in five combat veterans adopt the disorder either during or shortly after service. A veteran (or any individual really) can develop the condition after enduring or witnessing a distressing event. The symptoms of PTSD can certainly become life-altering, and include (but aren’ t limited to) paranoia, despression symptoms, mood swings, nightmares, and flashbacks to the traumatic incident. These negative effects can greatly modify a veteran’ s sense of reality plus perception of people and relationships. In case PTSD is let undiagnosed, destructive and/or self-destructive behavior will imminently occur.

The overwhelming sense of paranoia that comes with PTSD is a good starting point for violent behavior to take root. Veterans may believe that spouses and other loved ones are dealing with them differently (albeit because they possibly are due to the veteran’ s obvious shift in personality), but towards the veteran, this difference in therapy may seem like a threat. During war, veterans feel as if everyone is out to have them, and that kind of thinking quickly comes after them home and causes these to assume the worst of people, even when no actual threat exists. As being a matter of self-defense against a perceived threat, veterans can become violent, either verbally or physically, even against someone they care about.

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Another induce for domestic violence among veterans is the deep-set rage that the military instills in all of its combat soldiers during basic training. A TEDTalk given by Andrew Chambers, a overcome veteran who served in Iraq, admitted that military basic instruction teaches soldiers to unearth the particular raw, animalistic rage that is otherwise buried deep inside the human psyche. Soldiers are to then turn this rage outward, thus making them more violent and successful killers. Compartments used himself as an example, as he was jailed a few months after his discharge for committing acts of battery and attempted murder. During his hearing, the judge ruled that instead of a war hero, Chambers was instead seen as a “ threat to society”.

Unfortunately, treating domestic violence can be quite tricky, as the person committing violent acts fails to see a problem with themselves and their behavior. Instead, they aim to blame others for the dysfunctional relationship. Although one of the primary causes for this behavior is PTSD, medical therapy for each condition is quite different, and therefore must be sought out separately. However , victims of domestic violence should get in touch with their region’ s domestic violence hotline.

In terms of looking for treatment for PTSD, veterans may enlist in multiple programs offered by a non-profit organization called Operation: I. V. The organization, a 501(c)3 founded in 2012, helps combat veterans heal from both PTSD in addition to traumatic brain injuries. Its originator, Roxann Abrams, is a Gold Superstar Mother who lost her son SFC Randy Abrams in 2009. Randy took his own life after suffering from a PTSD flashback from his service in Iraq. As a result of her son’ s death, Abrams launched Operation: I. V. so that overcome veterans who served in possibly Iraq or Afghanistan have a spot to receive treatment from the ten different rehabilitation programs the organization offers. Hyperbolic oxygen therapy, service dogs, plus anxiety reduction therapy are only some of the services that can drastically improve a veteran’ s mental health. The business also supports job retraining, company mentoring, and educational assistance.

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Popular Moms Are Easy to Hook-Up

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Are you interested or want to date the particular cougar hot mom and you are not sure where to find them, then the best spot to get them is the online dating site. There are many internet dating sites that are specifically designed to cater to the requirements of the people who are in search. The cougars are no more difficult to find, you can find all of them and date with them almost within few hours once you encounter all of them at the dating community. It is actually easier to date and you don’ t have to go to the cruising bars or clubs and approach the hot ladies over there to date with you, if you want to appreciate sitting at home then you can do so by logging on the net and get enrolled in the particular reputed dating sites that are specifically maintenance cougar hot moms. The cougar dating is not more a rare thing which is highly possible only through the online dating service. These sites specialize in such pairing and therefore they are best in bringing together aged women with young men and all you need to do for this is to sign in the online dating site for free and enjoy this program. If you are already members you can update the full membership and enjoy this amazing program and get a chance to date with the awesome moms.

Join the particular cougar hot mom site and look for over there for the various women who are ready to provide you this program in an amazing manner. Just posting one hot picture of your own and see the number of hot moms that will try to contact you within few hours. One picture of yours is going to be equal to thousand words that are spoken and so this picture will work out in the dating online world. The cougar hot moms are the predator kind and so you have to approach them in the conventional manner, they are very cool and can try to come along with you wherever you want them to accompany, just like the present young people they will come along to watch football, bars, and clubs and have a particular date too. They never control both you and so you can be free enough to be pampered by them, these awesome moms have many things to offer for you.

The best thing along with her is that she is financially nicely independent and so you can move along with her to any place and dine with her at any place without any hesitation. Once she gets impressed with you she will take you wherever you want and even pamper you with wealthy gifts. When you go out with her dress impeccably and have a great appearance as she has a social image and so when she introduces you to her friends your dress or your attitude should not let you down, and in case this happens she will keep or dump you. Try the online dating site and get the desired results of sexual pleasure.

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Moonbridgemillionaire Is a Luxuries Site For Authentic Dating With Over 2 Mil Quality Members

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“ MoonBridgemillionaire” have launched their online dating site Along with Over “ 2, 000, 000 Hand Picked Members, to offer a fresh new dating service and help women discover love and friendship without all the corny chat up lines you obtain in bars, night clubs and celebrations. The Luxuries and Friendly site offers women looking for love plus friendship a genuine dating where they could find the man of their dreams in the comfort of their home.

One of the problems that face women of any age is finding Mr Right. It seems through low marketplace dating sites and through meeting individuals in bars, clubs and celebrations they either find Mr Incorrect or Mr Only Half Right. But now thanks to MoonBridge Dating exactly who offer 24/7 support, you can find Mr Right and Mr Very Right, Not Wasting your life Tossing Out Hundreds Of Apples To Find A Good One.

Online dating has a large amount of advantages compared to dating offline; it gives single women a chance to rub shoulder blades with the Rich & Famous, also the power to get to know a potential time before meeting physically. It enables the woman to be in full control by using the MoonBridgemillionaire. com Women who are seriously interested in finding love and who are tired of dates that never work, are now able to use a stylish dating site that offers a fresh approach to dating to help you find the man of your dreams.

The attraction of online dating for ladies is the security issue where instead of going on a blind date or speed dating where they do not know who they actually are meeting. By using a professional online dating assistance they can focus on finding Mr Right first and get to know their potential date before they arrange to fulfill, giving them security and allowing them to also feel more relaxed on their first time by already knowing one another. The Members have been Verified and Hands Picked.

Women have started to lose confidence in dating sites because some downmarket dating sites deal with women like a meat market but not MoonBridge Dating. This dating site is very different to others we place women first and moves away from the meat market approach that will some other dating sites have and rather provides their members with an online dating service where they can feel relaxed plus comfortable connecting with potential adore matches. “ MoonBridgemillionaire” concentrate in assisting women find that Mr Right for longer lasting love, or quality friendship.
Members Support 24/7 And Direct Chat Available.
Members of “ MoonBridgemillionaire” can be assured when they sign up with the fresh dating assistance they are joining a Quality online dating assistance that cares about their people, a dating site that want males and females to have fun while finding a time for long lasting love /friendship in the safe environment.

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Exactly how Reverse Psychology and God’s Elegance Go Together

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Dealing with people in ways that are kind,
Is one thing that Lord makes sure we find;
Whenever we allow people to kindly save encounter,
There’ s a blessing known, and that is God’ s grace.


Intelligent people deserve the type of respect that exemplifies God’ s grace between two people. When we are in the position of mentoring or leading someone or a people – and these people or persons have adequate moral intelligence as to relate around as real people, nothing kept back – we are obligated to cope with them gracefully.

Dealing with people gracefully is about allowing them to go to their own conclusions, as we journey together conversationally. There are no rules in relationships, but there is plenty of room for reflection – where ideas may be shared aloud; as ideas. There are very few situations where we will need to play hardball, and actively playing straight down the line is more likely to separate close friends than to draw pleasant foes. Why would we exasperate exactly what God has not yet finished along with – the relational dynamic which is us and them?

This is where reverse psychology comes in. Whenever those seeking our advice request an out, we can cooperate together and imagine what the experience would certainly look like once they are out of the scenario. Or maybe they want to do something they possibly shouldn’ t do; what is our own advice then? We imagine the feeling with them and consider the possible implications. We use questions. We try to be encouraging and sufficiently upbeat.

We tackle this from the aspect that it isn’ t our own life we are living; it’ s theirs.

There is no typical trickery in using reverse psychology, because we are simply journeying with the other person as if they were having a conversation with themselves, as two people uniquely fitted and capable of identifying a good course of action for the one person.

That is the biggest favour we can do as we interact with them: to deal with them in such a dignified fashion that our own material – yet, not really God’ s wisdom – is no barrier to their decision-making. We want God’ s wisdom to emerge, and we offer ourselves in such a way as to become surrendered to God as a boat for his wisdom through which in order to flow out into the conversation.


God’ s grace in relationships is about allowing people to save face when and if we disagree. We are not always gifted with the perspective we need. Occasionally God reveals things to us over time. Reverse psychology and God’ s grace go together when we get our opinions out of their way, and we can see life from theirs and God’ s perspective.

© 2014 S. M. Wickham.

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How to Keep a Man

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Be your self

Don’ t show yourself as bashful if you are really flamboyant. Some people’ s personalities clash with those of other people. You need be able to keep up the façade meant for long. Besides, you don’ to want to waste anyone’ s time or cause them unnecessary suffering. Your mate will sense that something about you is not on the up-and-up and either lose interest or begin distancing himself from you if he is already emotionally involved.

Check-out your male close friends

While you are hanging out with the fellows, pay attention to the ones that you take pleasure in being around the most. Take note of the items they have in common. For example , do they all have the same zodiac sign, do the exact same type of work, or are they all around the same age? It would be a good idea to pursue this type of guy more seriously.

Confide in the opposite sex

Your female close friends and acquaintances may not know as much about men as they think they are doing. And much of what many of them believe they know is speculation. A person don’ t interact with women just like you do with men. So your male counterparts will be better able to inform you what issues you have that are maintaining you from getting a man.

Know your place in his existence

Take into consideration what is going on in your lifetime right now. Are you experiencing emotional or financial hardship? There’ s a great chance that you are not ready for a relationship. The guy you are interested in seeking at this time may have only come into your daily life to deliver a message or only being a friend. If you do become involved at this time, he may become overwhelmed by your issues and walk away. Or then again he may stick around— preventing you from meeting or keeping the next guy you had been meant to have a relationship with later on.

Behave as if you already have a man

Men are known for liking and disliking certain things about women. They are attracted to and want to end up being around women who are well-groomed, active, and friendly.

Get rid of any preconceived notions you have about men

This doesn’ t mean you should throw extreme care to the wind. But if you technique and treat each member of the contrary sex as if the are likeable and worthy of love and passion, your experience with them can be exclusive and enjoyable.

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Becoming True to Yourself and Authentic Is essential to a Successful Intimate Relationship

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Not being true to yourself frequently harms your relationships. Unfortunately, you might think that in order to have a successful closeness you need to ignore your own will plus desires, and not express what’ s i9000 really on your mind. But not being to yourself might have sabotaged your human relationships.

Is there anything that that you can do about it?

Developing Self-Awareness will enable you to understand the reasons which prevented you from being faithful to yourself in the past, and realize how these harmed your relationships. After this you become motivated to get up the courage to be true to yourself: become genuine and genuine and behave based on what feels right to you, out of a sense of personal empowerment and self-worth. This enables you to develop and maintain an effective intimacy.

Why being true to yourself is essential to a successful, intimate relationship?

The following 2 examples will provide the answer:

Jill meets Dave two times a week. She likes getting collectively and enjoys their dates. The rest of her week is filled with interests, meeting her girlfriends, work plus studies. Even though Dave tries to convince her time after time to meet more often, she’ s firm: she tells your pet she loves him, but there are various other activities going on in her lifestyle.

Jill enjoys her relationship with Dork, but at the same time respects her own desires and needs and continues with the activities the lady enjoyed prior to meeting him. Doing this ensures that they will continue having a satisfying and healthy relationship.

Ellen and Gaby are usually celebrating their first anniversary. Compared to previous relationships she’ s acquired, a year is a long time for her. Exactly what enables her to be with Gaby for a year is that now she’ s true to herself, knows what she wants, is authentic, communicates her will and desires – something she never allowed their self in past.

Being true to yourself allows you to be “ who you really are”, and develop a healthy, intimate, effective relationship.

How can you become empowered to be faithful to yourself?

If you haven’ t been faithful to yourself for a long time, you often don’ t know how to behave according to what is right for you. The way to begin is through self-awareness – understanding what offers kept you from being genuine until now – and getting up the courage to change and practice new behaviours in line with your true self.

Caroline’ s example all through this article teaches how to become empowered to become true to yourself.

Gaining understanding

Caroline always had relationships that were not really mutual, in which she tried to fulfill the desires of her partner with no thinking of her own. Even so, she remained until her partner initiated the separation.

Whenever Caroline began observing herself plus developed self-awareness, she realized which fears and needs controlled the girl. She then understood what the lady was losing by not enabling herself to be authentic.

Self-awareness enables Caroline to understand how she has hurt herself so far. She decides that from now on, the lady wants to be true to herself, conveying her will and behaving in line with what feels right to her.

Getting up the courage to become true to yourself

When Caroline meets Leonard, the particular insights she has gained enable the girl to get up the courage to stick to her opinions and desires, saying what she really wants.

Practicing new behaviours in accordance with your authenticity

Caroline practices new behaviours with Leonard: she expresses the girl opinions, desires and requests. The greater self-confident she becomes, the more free of charge she feels to be “ who the lady really is”.

Understanding what you “ win” and lose when you are not genuine increases your motivation to start acting according to your true self.

You can begin by initially taking little-tiny steps. If, for example , so far you were incapable of asking your partner to accomplish something for you, you can begin with small requests like preparing coffee to suit your needs, getting up to bring a blanket, and so forth If until now you weren’ t assertive, you can suggest – if you haven’ t done so until now – where you would like to go, what you would enjoy.

How does being true to yourself enhance your partnership?

Becoming true to yourself enables you to:

Bring your authentic, genuine self into the relationship, expressing your uniqueness

Caroline usually liked painting nude portraits. She felt she could express their self that way and even attended a few training courses on the subject.

Whenever she began going out with Leonard, he pleaded with her to stop going to the workshop and spend as much time as possible with him. Caroline regarded whether or not to accede to his request, and decided not to. She experienced that painting nude portraits allowed her to give expression to her sensuality.

Being faithful to herself gives Caroline a renewed sense of empowerment, vital to cultivating a healthy and intimate partnership.

You, just like Caroline, are unique. You express your own uniqueness through different ways of thinking and behaving. The expression of your individual uniqueness, in whichever way, is important for your sense of well-being and empowerment.
Becoming true to yourself enables you to:

Behave in ways that feel right to you, relying on your senses

Caroline wakes up upon Saturday afternoon feeling that the lady wants to be by herself. Over the last two days she was busy along with issues at work that didn’ t leave her a moment to listen to songs, read a book, write in the girl diary or paint.

When Leonard calls to suggest that they meet that evening, she hesitates for a moment. She knows that he might be hurt when she declines. But she feels that it’ s right for her to stay home by herself. She points out to him that while she loves being with him, she feels the necessity to be by herself.

Caroline is connected to the girl inner voice. She feels that it’ s absolutely right for her to stay at home alone. At the same time, she stocks her feelings with Leonard, saying that her desire to be by their self doesn’ t mean any tough feelings against him.

When you are in touch with yourself, you without effort know what is right or wrong to suit your needs. You give your partner what feels right to you, what you want and are effective at, and not as a response to requests or demands.
Being faithful to yourself enables you to:

Connect openly with your partner

Empowered and doing what’ s right for her, Caroline feels comfortable sharing her thoughts, needs plus feelings with Leonard.

When you, like Caroline, are true to yourself, you are effective at sharing your thoughts, feelings, fears, needs and choices with your partner, understanding that it’ s possible that his/her opinion will be different from yours. You also allow yourselves to ask what you want to get, knowing that for his/her reasons, your spouse may not want or be able to provide.

Being true to yourself enables you to:

Set very clear boundaries

Caroline begins to set clear boundaries in the relationship that she’ s developing with Leonard. She knows what’ s right and what’ s i9000 wrong for her; what she wants to and wants to do and what she doesn’ t. She feels effective at developing an authentic and intimate connection and has the inner strength to choose to leave if she’ lmost all realize it isn’ t suitable for her.

Being empowered and true to her enables you to set clear boundaries concerning what feels or doesn’ t feel right for you, and act appropriately, rather than being driven by fears and needs.

Becoming true to yourself enables you to:

Take responsibility for your behavior

At the end of a long weekend break, when Leonard suggested that they sleep at his place Caroline agreed. Once inside, and after stretching out on the couch with a glass associated with red wine, he suggested they watch a porn movie on. Caroline didn’ t feel in the disposition for it, and said so.

When you have the particular courage to be true to yourself you are able to behave out of strength and not out of fear, knowing that if your partner doesn’ t accept or like your will/desires and reacts in a negative way, you’ ll know how to cope with this. You are willing to take responsibility for the behavior, instead of hurling accusations at your partner as you might have done in the past.

Being true to yourself enables you to:

Acknowledge your own worth

Caroline respects her instincts. She feels strengthened, confident in whom she is, recognizing her worth and behaving the way she feels is right for her.

Caroline understands that whenever she’ s true to herself, the lady behaves out of personal worth plus self-respect. Rejecting Leonard’ s ask for to watch a porn movie collectively doesn’ t mean that she’ s i9000 rejecting him, but that she’ s behaving according to what feels right to her at the moment.

When you, like Caroline, behave out of a sense of personal worth and self-respect, you are true to yourself. You don’ t sacrifice yourself out of fear that your partner will get angry at you, won’ t accept a person or will abandon you.

Being true to yourself means: being in touch with your desires plus needs, regardless of whether you are on a first date or in a long-term partnership; behaving in ways that seem right to you and not according to what you believe is accepted by society or expected by your partner.

Tip on how to proceed from here:

Not being true to yourself often harms your relationships. As you develop Self-Awareness you begin to understand the reasons which prevented you from getting true to yourself in the past, and recognize how these harmed your human relationships. You then become motivated to get up the courage to be true to yourself: become authentic and genuine and behave according to what feels right to a person, out of a sense of personal empowerment plus self-worth. This enables you to develop and keep a successful intimacy.

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Floral Bouquets – A Gift For Every Occasion

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Have you ever stopped in order to list the varied occasions where bouquets have been used as gifts? You will be surprised to know the number.

To convey heartfelt birthday wishes to the ones you cherish… to say the three magical words “ I Love you” … to say sorry to the one’ s you’ ve hurt… in order to celebrate achievements and milestones within a loved one’ s life… to express thank you… to wish a single a speedy recovery… and to uphold friends and foes in their instances of woe.

We’ ve mentioned only a few occasions. There are valentine days, anniversaries and business gifting to add. Flowers are one of the greatest gifting options. Also, it is the most suited to every occasion. Why? You can find out there below.


Plants are the most symbolic. They be noticeable for the moods, attitudes and feelings they suggest. Love is the very first emotion conveyed through the exchange associated with flowers. Roses, the most commonly talented flowers, are a symbol of like and care. They represent attractiveness and feminity. Sending floral arrangements is also a way of expressing respect, apology and sympathy. Flowers of vivid colors and pleasant fragrances are presented to patients because they activate happy emotions.

Therapeutic Effects

Flowers have therapeutic results on humans. This is one of the reasons you will find bouquets in hospitals and nursing homes. The natural beauty, color and perfumes spread cheer. It radiates positivity and relieves anxiety. The color of the flowers also impacts one’ ersus mood. Bright shades such as oranges, yellows, reds and pinks uplift your mood while earthy tones such as blue and greens relax the mind. A special research was conducted to analyze the effect of flowers on human beings. The results highlighted that it has the ability to make one smile irrespective of age and temperament.

Flowers furthermore alter our attitude towards other people. It increases creativity and productivity. It encourages sociability and makes one more compassionate towards others.

Natural Beauty

Luxury floral ensembles with their clean cuts, sleek designs and elegant accessories have the potential to brighten up the dullest living space. Flowers are used at different settings for different occasions. The most popular events are weddings and business events. Designing your home with flowers gives this a fresh and welcoming look. At home or at office, floral adornments convey warmth, hospitality and friendliness.

The reasonable value is another feature that makes flowers a good gifting option for all occasions.

Ordering floral gift arrangements has become very easy today owing to the internet. Florists operate round the clock to offer assistance to customers. You can contact a florist online. At the website, you can browse available options. They have on show beautifully crafted bouquets that you can select to send to a dear one. You can include gifts such as a cake, a box of chocolates or a collection of skin care products, a card or smooth toy to make it more personal. With the international floral delivery option, you could have your gift flowers delivered to any kind of location at any desired time.

So , make use of the international flower delivery option and make every event special for your loved ones whether considerably or near.

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Time Your Dream Partner Who Is a Millionaire

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There are times when you feel that you have almost anything, but have no-one real to share your bad times. Whatever you did to earn millions, it still lacks in getting you someone that can …

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